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When you want to start operating on the Dutch market as a foreign entrepreneur, having a business address in the Netherlands can work to your advantage. You can use this address for registration at the Chamber of Commerce. And you can use this prestigious address in business cards and documents to create a local trustworthy appearance to help you operate in a new field. The perfect business solution.

Your mail and packages can be forwarded to an address of your choice. And on location in Eindhoven you can rent our flexible workplaces, meeting rooms and consulting rooms. It is also possible to meet with your clients in a professional environment with everything you need nearby.

Temporary discount prices!
Amsterdam and Eindhoven: € 49,50 per month*

Requirements for a business address application:
We need a copy of your passport, and in case of an already registered company we also require a summary of your registration with the Chamber of Commerce. We can arrange your business address within one day!

There is a one-off registration fee of € 50,-
After you have provided us with the required documents we will set up a rental agreement for your registration with the Chamber of Commerce, provided that you meet their conditions.
These conditions imply that a sustainable pursuit of activities must take place at our address. To ensure this you can rent our flexible workplaces at a affordable price.

Register a second company for only € 32,25!

Apply for your professional business address today by filling out the registration form.

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