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Terms and Conditions

1. Summary

  1. De Ring B.V.: De Ring located in Eindhoven, registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number: 17128612
  2. Client: The person or corporation with whom De Ring has a written or verbal agreement or any other person or corporation we offer our services to. The terms and conditions apply to the client.
  3. Service: Offering our services of our Business address packages, Telephone service, Telephone forwarding service through internet or Telephone or in writing and offering our meeting rooms for rent.

2. In general

  1. These terms and conditions apply on all offers and contract of de Ring, also operating under the names en
  2. Arrangements made with de Ring staff does not bind de Ring, unless confirmed in writing by de Ring.
  3. and is a office renting concept of De Ring and gives the client the right to use the accommodation on a part-time bases as an office at agreed upon rates during a period of 10 workdays. The usage and the agreed upon rates are known by the client. (Consult de Ring price list)
  4. Using the office for wholesale purposes, with clients visiting regularly, is not permitted.
  5. De Ring will provide the client with a Telephone number. Telephone calls and messages are handled according the instructions provided by the client and the client is responsible for all costs resulting from forwarding and service costs. This agreement only applies on clients who want to sign an agreement for Telephone service. De Ring is in no way obligated to provide this service to other people and is not responsible for messages or calls they receive for others. The companies of  De Ring are accessible during normal business hours unless otherwise agreed upon.
  6. The duration of the agreement is the same as the duration period stated in the agreement.
  7. The client permits de Ring to accept and receive mail, packages and registered letters. The client is responsible for all the risks and additional charges.
  8. De Ring will not accept objects heavier than 4,5 kg, larger than 45 cm in length, width or height or bigger than 0,03 m3 or objects containing dangerous, living or organic products and holds the right to return objects that are not collected by the client or to refuse objects in such large quantities that it can be considered unlawful or unreasonable. De Ring gives no guarantees and holds no responsibility for the services stated in this document.
  9. The client assures that the rights granted to him under this agreement will not be used for unlawful, immoral or criminal activities and that he will in no way discredit De Ring. The client will not use the name of De Ring, in its’ entirety or partly, for these kind of purposes. De Ring holds the right to cooperate with an official investigational firm when needed in regards to accusations made towards the client of inappropriate behaviour.
  10. De Ring holds the right to refuse entrance to the building to people who are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other controlled substances.

3. Registration/registration fee

  1. Signing up for our service needs to be done through our registration process.
  2. Our registration procedure requires:
    * that a copy of the registration at the Chamber of Commerce must be presented, when available.
    * that a copy of a passport or other proof of identification must be presented.
    * registration fees or set up charges are paid.

4. Supply/Payment

  1. All prices are exclusive of V.A.T. and other government taxes.
  2. All payments must be fulfilled through Direct Debit within 5 calendar days following the invoice date. Set up or registration fees must be paid in advance.
  3. Billing of monthly invoices will be done each month in advance unless otherwise agreed upon. All services rendered will be stated on the invoice. Unless a contract is signed for a certain period then billing will be done before that period.
  4. De Ring holds the right to cancel their services, if the client fails to make payment within 14 days following the invoice date,  and return incoming mail to sender until payment is made.
  5. De Ring holds the right to cancel their services if the client keeps failing to make payment. De Ring also holds the right to raise the owed sum with collection costs, judiciary costs and other costs with a minimum of 15% the capital sum and to raise with the legal interest. If the client fails to fulfil their obligations following this agreement de Ring is authorized to end the agreement immediately without judicial interference.

5. Additional charges

  1. The fee for the forwarding of the mail and packages is twice the postage costs. All mail is forwarded including commercial mail.
  2. Variable connecting costs for Telephone and/or fax.
  3. All services used by the client will be charged.

6. Liability

  1. De Ring can never be hold responsible by the client or other external parties for damages, including immaterial damage or corporate damages caused by delay, leakage, incorrect reporting, strikes, technical errors or breach of duty by an employee or manager of De Ring. The client must handle all aspects of the business centre with care, including the equipment, installations and furniture that are being used. To make changes to any object is not permitted. The client is responsible for all damages caused by the client or whoever they have invited with their permission. Whenever the client leaves possessions at the business centre we can hold them the way we see fit, without being responsible in any way or without owing a part of the proceeds.
  2. De Ring can never be hold responsible for data or materials being lost or missing.

7. Practice / modifications terms and conditions

  1. De Ring reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. The client will be informed in writing or by e-mail of these changes. When the client refuses to accept these changes, he must notify de Ring in writing within three calendar weeks after the dispatch date of the proposal. If the client fails to do so it is assumed the client has accepted the changes.
  2. If the client does not agree with a proposed change of the terms and conditions it allows de Ring to end the agreement.

8. Duration and Termination

  1. The agreement between De Ring and the client is closed by completing the registration procedure in which the client agrees to accept these terms and conditions as part of the agreement.
  2. The client will enter into an agreement with de Ring for a minimum period of 3 calendar months with a tacit renewal for an undefined amount of time.
  3. The agreement between De Ring and the client can be terminated after two months barring the one calendar month notice.
  4. Termination must be requested in writing.
  5. De Ring reserves the right to terminate the agreement, without a written request, at all times without reason or explanation.
  6. De Ring reserves the right to immediately terminate the agreement when:
    * The personal or corporate data provided by the client is incorrect, outdated or incomplete;
    * the client becomes insolvent, in liquidation or is no longer able to make payment when payment is due;
    * The client is unable to fulfil their obligations or cannot fulfil their obligations within 14 days after being notified by De Ring;
    * The behaviour of the client, or someone invited by the client into the business centre with their permission, is unlawful, illegal or fraudulent, defamatory or otherwise abnormal behaviour;
  7. When we terminate the agreement for any of these reasons you are obligated to:
    * Change your address within 14 calendar days;
    * Pay for extra services that have been used;
    * Pay the going rate for the remainder of the period the agreement would have been active had it not been ended or (unless it is longer) for another period of 3 months and compensate us for all our costs and losses caused by the termination.
  8. If the agreement is terminated, for whatever reason, the client is responsible for notifying all parties of their change of address. Mail received by de Ring after the agreement has been ended will be returned to sender. All clients are responsible for having their companies registered with de Ring and after termination having their company no longer registered with de Ring.
  9. The client agrees that de Ring is permitted to make public, alter or transfer all personal data de Ring owns when it comes to fulfilling the obligations of the client under this agreement or for testing their activities, fraud prevention or when the client is behind with payments.

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