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Privacy statement

What personal data does De Ring collect?

De Ring collects the following personal data:

Personalia: your (company)name, copy of your ID or passport, address, residence, gender, bankcredentials, (mobile) telephonenumber and e-mailadres.

On what grounds does de Ring process personal data?

De Ring processes personal data based on the necessity for providing our service to our clients, for example data that is needed to set up an agreement, to answer the phone, to forward calls, to contact clients or to send messages, mail and invoices.

Who has access to the data and how long is this data stored?

All personal data is securely stored on a private server owned by De Ring. A paper version of all data is also stored at De Ring headquarter office. Only administrational employees of De Ring have access to the data.

Storage period

De Ring will save your data no longer than is required to provide you with the best and adequate service. Once your data is no longer required it will be permanently destroyed.

Providing data to third parties

We will not provide third parties with your personal data unless it is necessary to provide you with our service or unless we are required to by law.

Privacy rights

In case you have any questions or feedback regarding your personal data you can contact us at telephone number: +31(0)40-2911200
You have the following rights:
• To be informed on what personal data we have collected and what it is being used for;
• Access to your personal data that we have stored in our administration;
• For errors in your personal data to be corrected;
• For outdated personal data to be removed
• To withdraw your permission for the use of your personal data even when you have given explicit permission in the past;
• To object tot he use of your personal data that we have stored in our administration.

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